How Movie Studios Utilize Intranets

It is vital that all movie studios have a robust system in place for communication and data storage. If not it can lead to high profile attacks such as the one Sony experienced in 2014. An intranet is ideal for these businesses. It ensures that all employees can discuss matters in a private space. This is in contrast to the internet, which tends to be much less secure.

Movie bosses and fans alike can visit if they want the best intranet system available. This website explains how a document management system can be utilized. With it organizations can enhance collaboration, remain secure, increase productivity and achieve specific goals. Omnia is ideal for any company that wishes to maximize workflow effectiveness. Their products are cutting edge whilst still remaining affordable.


The aim of many movie studios is to create critically and commercially acclaimed works of art. The most successful ones end up winning high profile accolades and are remembered for years to come. Moviemaking is a collaborative process. Therefore if a system is in place which promotes data sharing then there is a greater chance of success.

The best place to find this system is on the website It has everything a moviemaker needs to keep their team informed. Significant time will be saved when compared to using conventional email. This is important for productions that are working to tight deadlines. A film will always have one person who is the main boss. This individual will need administrative tools to keep their intranet system in order. This is easily achieved with Omnia.

It is fair to say that this industry is competitive. Intranets are likely to play a key role in filmmaking for years to come. Those who use them early will be able to gain an edge over their rivals.

Rebecka Author