Outdoor cinema visit tips

For anyone who wants to have a slightly different cinema experience, it is worth looking for an outdoor cinema showing. These are often held in parks and the cinema goers will take along their own chairs and a picnic to make the most of the event. The weather The weather is one of those factors […]

Opting For Augmentation Before A Cinema Trip

Going to the cinema is a deeply enriching experience. This activity is particularly fun when done as part of a group. There are few social outings more enjoyable than a trip to go watch a movie. However, some women are sadly held back by their lack of body confidence. If this is the case then […]

Collecting Movie-Inspired Art

Anybody who enjoys watching movies will no doubt be fascinated by Hollywood and its stars. You may have a favorite genre of movie or prefer the old-fashioned black and white films. Perhaps you follow a particular celebrity and avidly watch everything they have ever starred in. To enhance your movie-watching experience, you could start a […]

Creating a Movie Night Experience

Watching movies is a great way to unwind and relax with friends and family. It can be something planned for the end of the day or a spur-of-the-moment decision. However, you can turn it into an even more enjoyable experience whenever you choose to watch a movie. By planning ahead, you can set up a […]

Furnishing a Movie Screening Room

Most modern homes will have a room in which family members can sit together and watch movies. These communal spaces need to be furnished and designed professionally. Doing so will help to maximise the viewing experience. If the room has unsightly design elements, then this could end up distracting the viewer. Immersion is an essential […]

Movies and Style

Who can forget the old days when making movies evoked a sense of style, fashion, and glamour? Look at such classics as “Gone with the Wind,” ” Casablanca,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and all of the memorable James Bond films. People attended the cinemas expecting to see elegantly dressed heroes and heroines. Visiting a picture house […]

Movie Casting: Use These Three Basic Tips

Are you a movie producer working on your next production but want to avoid the casting mistakes you did in your previous movie, which was amiss? This is your article. Casting is something which you must get right if you want to succeed in the film industry. I will give you three basic tips to […]

Getting the Camera Work of Your Movie Right

This article is for those people who want to venture into the movie world; not for videographers. So you have been working on your movie script, and it is now ready. The next step is to shoot scenes and form them into a movie. So, what should you do to ensure that you end up […]

Before Trilogy: A Passage of Love

The Before series is a romance trilogy consisting of 3 movies, each set nine years apart and covering the course of a few hours. It manages to accomplish a lot in those precious few in-movie hours that the characters spend together and makes every moment special. The series primarily follows two main characters, Jesse (Ethan […]

Enjoying Visits to the Cinema Despite Osteoarthritis

A visit to the movies should not be spoilt just because of osteoarthritis. Many people suffer from some form of arthritis but particularly common is osteoarthritis. The effect of the illness is referred to in degrees of severity. Stage 1 being minor and stage 4 being severe. It is most prevalent in the hips, knees, […]