Movies to Watch on a Date


Enhance the romance with these awe-inspiring films to watch with your date!

  • The Notebook is probably the most tear-inducing romantic drama that has been released. Critics warn to prepare to cry your eyes out and feel so close, connected and grateful toward each other.
  • Ghost is a classic romance story that is another tearjerker. What’s more amorous than the ghost of your deceased lover dedicated to you even in the afterlife?
  • Knocked up is a charming romantic comedy that will bring you and your date closer through laughter. An unlikely pair work together when they discover they had drunken sex and got pregnant.
  • Friends with Benefits is a cute romantic comedy where two platonic friends attempt a friends-with-benefits relationship but find challenges when their emotions get in the way. This movie might help get you and your date thinking about fun in the bedroom!
  • Pretty Woman is a captivating tale of a prostitute that is wooed by a millionaire who gets in touch with his emotions.
  • Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind is a quirky romantic drama that touches on the complexities of navigating a relationship while struggling with mental health issues.

Rebecka Author