Outdoor cinema visit tips

For anyone who wants to have a slightly different cinema experience, it is worth looking for an outdoor cinema showing. These are often held in parks and the cinema goers will take along their own chairs and a picnic to make the most of the event.

The weather

The weather is one of those factors that can’t really be changed, but you really need to be prepared for it. In many cases the evening will pass without too much of an incident, but it is worth taking along a large umbrella just in case it decides to rain during the movie. In rare cases, extreme weather such as storms will mean the event is cancelled anyway, but normal rain will not normally mean they’ll postpone the showing.


As you will be taking along your own chair, make sure it is a comfortable one. You’ll be sitting there for a few hours and it is worth investing in a padded camping chair instead of just taking along a wooden folding chair.

Protect your skin

Whether the weather is good or bad, your skin will need to be protected from the elements while you are watching the movie. Using an SPF cream is always recommended as this can help to delay the signs of aging. When watching a movie on the big screen outdoors, sunglasses are a good idea. This helps to prevent the sun from distorting your view of the screen but will also prevent you from squinting – an action that can encourage lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Retinol eye serum is something that is recommended for use on a daily basis. Applying retinol eye cream morning and night will help to soften the skin around the eyes but anyone planning to spend a few hours outdoors should think about applying retinol eye serum just before the event, to give a little extra protection.

Treat yourself

The picnic that you take with you is a good opportunity for you to create a unique dining experience. Why not take along a bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Team this with some of your favorite foods to create a mini buffet that you can enjoy throughout the movie. Small sandwiches, mini muffins, fruit salads and crudites with dips are always a great choice to give the evening a luxury feel without breaking the bank.

Rebecka Author