Tremendous Travel Movies

Many say that to live a life of travel, is to live the dream. Some say that one who is lost can only be found while getting lost again. To travel results in movement and movement leads to development. But what causes this desire to become a flame. What turns your mind from wishing for an experience into actually going for it? To experience someone else’s story, to feel their struggle, to work through the problems and to rise to success. This is what movies allow you to experience. This is what lights the fire in most future travellers.

Extreme Adventure Travel

What road movies tell us about travel is that not everyone feels at home where they are. There are the few that have always felt like they don’t fit the life they live. We call them travellers. We have met these characters over and over in life and in films. One movie that took adventure travel to a whole new depth was ‘Into the Wild’. A film about a boy from one world, wishing to be in another. The combination of dreams, dedication, struggle and success. The unavoidable heartache that is felt by the audience, while overwhelmed by Eddie Vedder’s tone of voice in the sound track, would make everyone sit in a state of silence when the screen turned black.

Personal Growth And Breaking Point

Much of who we are comes from our past and a little from our wishes for the future. Reese Witherspoon, after losing track of her life with a set of badly made choices, was at “Breaking Point”. She walked herself out of where she was in life and back to the person she had once lost. A trail that has said to change lives. The Pacific North West, 1100 miles of nothing but the spaces in your mind, The overwhelming beauty of the land and the struggle to push onwards. A movie that leaves you with a great desire to pack that backpack, hit the harsh path and change your life. Well, let’s go and travel the World with Avionero and make our own movie!

Rebecka Author