Enjoying Visits to the Cinema Despite Osteoarthritis

A visit to the movies should not be spoilt just because of osteoarthritis. Many people suffer from some form of arthritis but particularly common is osteoarthritis. The effect of the illness is referred to in degrees of severity. Stage 1 being minor and stage 4 being severe. It is most prevalent in the hips, knees, and the small joints of the hand. Osteoarthritis is caused by the wear and tear of the layer of cartilage that protects the joints. The condition is exacerbated by age and can be a hereditary illness. Previous joint damage such as fractures can also lead to the development of this illness. Typical treatments include light exercise, change of diet, and weight loss to reduce the pressure on the joints. However, can a sufferer still take a trip to the cinema to watch their favourite movies?


Much of the pain and discomfort from this condition can be treated or alleviated. In the milder forms, it should be possible to take sufficient painkilling medication to ease the symptoms for a few hours before your visit to the cinema. However, you need to make sure sure that the chosen venue is suitable for visitors with disabilities. If you need to use a wheelchair, do the premises provide appropriate access points and exit points? Can you leave the place in a hurry in the event of an emergency such as fires? Does the movie theatre provide disabled-friendly seating where you can sit comfortably to enjoy your cinematic experience? These are all things that osteoarthritis sufferers need to consider when making the choice for their visit. Ensure sufficient research about the venue is done in advance. A visit to see the manager should be considered to discuss your concerns and establish whether the place can meet your needs.

Treatment of Osteoarthrits

Lifestyle plays a vital role in alleviating the osteoarthritis symptoms, thereby enabling you to live as normal a life as possible. Sufferers need to ensure that they eat a varied diet, undertake non-impact exercise such as swimming every day and get a good night’s sleep. Carrying around less bodyweight will have a profound effect on the stress caused to the affected joints, especially the knees and hips. Ensuring that the doctor provides the most appropriate pain medication, depending upon the severity of the conditions, can also make people more able to live normal lives.


Taking the right steps to alleviate the condition as outlined above should mean that your next visit to the cinema will be enjoyable. Such trips can increase your wellbeing and improve your mental health, which are vital factors to help to control osteoarthritis.

Rebecka Author