Tag: An Unusual True Story of a Kids’ Game, but Played on a Truly Epic Scale

A fun new style of comedy, Tag, is a movie based on a true story about a group of 5 guys that have been playing the same game of tag for nearly 30 years. This incredibly long game of “You’re it!” was originally uncovered by the Wall Street Journal, and it wasn’t long before offers for the movie rights began rolling in. In the movie, every May, the game resumes and the 5 friends continue to play out this ongoing game travelling all over the country. This is no ordinary game, these guys are professionals and it really becomes more like a game of chess, with military style tactics that need to be executed with precision and timing. One of the friends, Jerry Pierce (played by Jeremy Renner) is the king of tag and has never been tagged in all their years of playing. When the news comes that he is about to get married and plans to retire as the undisputed champion, the others declare all-out war and will stop at nothing to snatch his crown away from him.

The 5 lead characters in this movie have kind of grown up, leading relatively normal lives with a variety of different jobs and are all living in different cities across America. However, each year they revert back to their childhood days and the game is on. Their far-flung contest bonds them together and keeps these former classmates, who now all lead such different lives, eternally connected. As you can imagine, at times the comedy can be a little immature, but there are some times when you won’t be able to hold in that laughter and you’ll be spitting out that popcorn like a Tommy gun. On a practical joke level and in a very slapstick way, there are parts of this movie that are just downright hilarious. This, coupled with the fact that you know this is based on reality, helps you to put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you might behave or react if you were them.

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Rebecka Author